Monday, February 22, 2016

Update: I'm not sick anymore

For the better part of last few weeks I was battling a very brutal cold, and then playing catch up on everything I missed during said cold, so my decision to be fully back into blogging really didn't play out the way that I'd intended. Some how I still have a dry cough, three weeks after the first sniffle.

On the other hand, thanks to the insomnia that came with my cold I managed to get a lot of thesis writing done! Only about 50 pages to go, folks!

That sounds like an unbearably large number, but I think the goal should be to complete it in the next few weeks. But, I am very lucky to have won an award that pays my tuition for the Spring and Summer Semester, so if I do not defend on time, I do not have to worry about it impacting our wedding plans (thank goodness!).

I've not got anything to say today, except that it is Monday and I am happy. VOMD and I will be headed to play pool this evening with a couple friends, and then I am back to teaching tomorrow (after the February reading break last week, which was a much needed break while I made up for what was pushed aside while I was sick for two weeks).

After my cold, and the snow we got a couple weeks ago, I am now ready for summer. I can't wait to go outside and play!

Happy Monday!


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