Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A weekend full of free fun and waterfalls!


So, I completely forgot to share the amazingness of this past weekend. We aren't exactly weathly, but this doesnt mean we don't go on awesome adventures. This summer we are taking it upon ourselves to find as many free fun things to do in  the city and surrounding areas. On the 13th we went to Veggie Fest Hamilton (last year we - VOMD and I - went to Veggie Fest as our first trip together, so it was nostalgic and romantic), and this weekend we decided to spend all out time outside. VOMD and I went to Tews Falls on Saturday and hiked down a precarious mountain to get to the bottom. There were ropes, so it wasn't really too scary, but  I will say that my choice of footwear was ill conceived. Don't climb a cliff in flip flops. You will hurt yourself.

Here's the view from the top! It's so beautiful. VOMD says it reminds him of a tiny Angel Falls. Hamilton is known as the Waterfall City. There are more than 100 waterfalls in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to see as many as we can this summer.

Tews falls are 41 metres tall and are the tallest falls in the area. A bunch of teenagers were wading in the waterat the top and I couldn't help but picture  how horrifying it would be if one of them slipped.

This is the view from the lookout. We heard a girl talking about how the last time she had visited there were people at the bottom, so obviously we had to go exploring. 
To get to the bottom we hiked down this steep cliff, but luckily were not the first to do it, as there are ropes to help you get there. Climbing back up is the hard part. By the time I got to the top I was out of breath, and my leg muscles were definitely sore the next day.

VOMD took these pictures for scale. The falls are actually pretty damn tall. You feel like you're in Rivendale when you're standing in the gorge. It's so beautiful. (Yes, I'm a huge nerd.)

 My insanely handsome VOMD and I, resting before hiking back up the cliff. (VOMD just cut his beard off, and I'm very sad about it. it was so epic. He assures  me it will only take a month or two to get back  to its previous awesomeness.)

Saturday night we went to The Sound of Music Festival in Burlington. The festival ran for a week, and the weekend prior bands like  OLP  and Weezer played ticketed shows so that this past weekend could be free! So, we saw David Wilcox play for free! Damn this dude can still rip. He played "Bad Apple" and "Riverboat Fantasy" and almost everyone in the crown was singing along. We were pretty close to the stage, but all of these pictures (the above  included) were taken with our phones, so the quality sucks.

Sunday we went hiking at Tiffany Falls, but that was a bit of an ordeal  and I ended up sliding down a bit of a cliff and badly bruising my ankle. No permanent damage was done, but I don't have any photos to share from the event, unless you  want to see a picture of my gross, swollen ankle.

In spite of this, all in all, our free adventure-ful weekend was a complete success! We  topped it off with Sweets from the Earth Cheese Cake (mmmm, Canadian Made vegan cheese cake!) and Coconut  Bliss Ice Cream.

Happy Tuesday!


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