Monday, March 28, 2016

How to procrastinate

Everyone is writing about how to study effectively and how to ensure you are being as efficient as possible. Why is it I can't find a thorough guide to putting off everything until tomorrow?

These last few weeks have been heart melting and while I should have been focusing on a million other things, I basically just took care of Toojoh and cried a lot. I still stuck with my work commitments, but my thesis was shoved aside. Now that Toojoh has returned home to his human (where he is doing okay, except still vomiting daily) I should be able to get back to my thesis, but the inspiration is just not there. I have plenty of time left to complete it, so the pressure isn't really on, and so I've spent the last few days focusing on reinvesting in some friendships, catching up on some sleep, taste testing some local beers, and cuddling and bonding with my awesome fiance. I also joined Instagram, but I don't really know how it works yet, so don't quiz me.
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Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow I will stop procrastinating. But, for now I am going to shop online for vegan acrylic paints and take pictures of the cats.

Happy Easter Monday!


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