Friday, November 20, 2015

Not all vegans are jerks (but this post is written for those who are)

Dear Vegans,

Seriously, stop being dicks.

I wrote a post a while back about things that vegans do that piss me off. Honestly, it was sort of a funny little post about how vegan tend to turn against not only non-vegans but also their vegan compadres with whom they disagree on minor aspects of veganism. But I guess some people just don't have a sense of humour. Lots of butt-hurt vegans jumped on the lets hate Johanna/HerHerbivore bandwagon and started sending me shitty hate messages saying that I wasn't a real vegan because I still had honey in my cupboard and didn't think it was useful to tell others they aren't vegan if they wear wool or silk. (For the record, since that tub of honey was finished off by VOMD we haven't purchased don't send me some hateful messages because it will go straight in the trash. I also personally do not use wool or silk. So again, please shut up.)

There is so much hate out there for vegans, on the internet and probably in your personal social circles. We vegans like to think that this hate comes from a place of defensiveness. We say things like "people get mad at us when we talk about animal cruelty because it makes them feel bad about their own choices". No. That is not the reason. I mean, maybe sometimes that is the reason. But really, the main reason they hate it is that we shove it down their throats, refuse to agree to disagree, and completely cut people down for not living the way that we do. Like...brutally cut them down. Remember when the Blonde Vegan became the Balanced Vegan? She got freaking DEATH THREATS from vegans all over the place. Sure, she doesn't seem to be the brightest...I mean, veganism really wasn't her problem. But still, man, death threats? People don't like that. Surprising, right? Okay, I am sounding a bit bitchy and sarcastic. I know. But I honestly just cannot understand where this self-righteous, bullshit attitude comes from. Yes, I think that the world would be a better place if everyone was vegan. But I definitely don't think it is remotely okay to hate people who aren't. I may have said some kind of shitty things about non-vegans jokingly in my past posts, and in my real life...but death threats? WTF vegans?

How is it that a philosophy that preaches non-violence and compassion can lead to hate and anger? Oh right, every single religion in history has taught us that eventually, there will be a bunch of douchy extremists who ruin it for everyone. Any time a philosophy becomes popular enough, some people will take it too far. But seriously jerk vegans, you're giving the rest of us a bad name. Most of the vegans I know do not walk around thinking that they are better than everyone, but the few that do are the loudest in the group. The problem with this is, though, that unlike other philosophies that can be rescued by other loud, compassionate voices rising up to set the record straight, veganism is difficult to rescue. Why? Because as soon as you say you're vegan people are now going to tune out. This is not like hearing what a Muslim has to say about how Daesh does not represent them...even bigots will probably tune into that, and maybe some of their hearts will become less hardened. It is not like that because shitty vegans have begun to successfully silence non-shitty vegans. By yelling the loudest, because they desperately wanted to be heard, they have made it so that they will never genuinely be heard. So now, the tiny group of people in this scary world who chose speak on behalf of animals have been silenced and the animals again have no voice. Good job, ass-hats. Your hate and anger have made it impossible to change the hearts and minds of people who may have been open to your perspective were you not a total dick to them. Now that you've threatened them with violence, called them immoral, told them they can't love animals but eat steak, they are never going to come around. They are more steadfast in their views than ever. I hear vegans say things like "we will never be silent, because the animals we speak for cannot do it for themselves", and yes, I totally agree, but there is a time and a place for your activism, and if you would just for a moment remember that you are a regular human being and not some enlightened √úbermensch  you will realize that other people deserve the same level of dignity and respect you are demanding on behalf of non-human animals.

Of course, I am being a bit of a pessimist here. If I'm totally honest I have to admit that there is still hope. There are more vegans in the new generation than ever before, and that number will definitely continue to grow. But I hope that the vegans who send death threats, and blacklist celebrity vegans who still eat honey, and just generally shit on other people, know that this victory is not a victory for them. They didn't do this. The people who had the impact, who influenced new generations, are those who went about their activism with a view to compassion, and used hard facts with a soft heart. It is not a victory for those who yell the loudest, but for those who care the most.

Non-vegans need to see that those who ascribe to a vegan philosophy and lifestyle are not some stuck-up, self-righteous, oft-cruel, non-joke taking group of people. We are regular folks. We know how to be kind to other humans and we know how to take a joke. So, just stop it with the insults and the death threats, okay?

And now this Kumbaya vegan is going to go eat some broccoli and cool down.

Happy Friday



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