Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Happies: Halloween Haunt and Voting Day!

Good morning!

Today is kind of a very important day so before I tell you about my awesome weekend I have to urge you to go to the polls (if you're Canadian and haven't done so already).

This election the stakes are very high. We are facing the prospect of four more years of Stephan Harper's Conservatives. Our international reputation is suffering, our economy is in the dumps (don't trust everything you read, my friends) and our environment is at risk because our regulations have been hack-sawed to bits. We have faced great challenges to our basic rights and freedoms, and the calling of this election interrupted an incredibly important queer and trans rights bill that was unfortunately being torn apart by a conservative senate at the behest of a small minority of Conservative petitioners. We cannot have another conservative government and if by tomorrow morning Harper is not ousted, it will be a horrible thing for our country - for our citizens at home and abroad - and, let's be honest, for the planet.

So, please vote. And please consider voting for someone other than your local Conservative Candidate.

On a lighter note, BEST WEEKEND EVER. I was supposed to hang out with a couple girlfriends who were in the same MA program as I on Saturday - they both finished earlier than I because they did comprehensive exams and a major research project instead of a thesis... the lucky ducks. But, unfortunately one of them had to cancel because she was sick, so VOMD and I had to figure out something to do with our day. Our solution was to drive to St. Catharines to buy 18 vegan donuts! We have donuts coming out of our ears.

Then, yesterday VOMD bought us tickets to go to Halloween Haunt! Holy crap it was so much fun. I went on Leviathan for the first time and nearly crapped myself because I am terrified of roller coasters, and then we spent the rest of the night going through mazes, eating French fries, and going on fun, non-terrifying rides (because fearing for my life once in one night is enough for me).

And then we shot some zombies and saved the world. No big deal.

I am so glad I am a bit of a scaredy cat because going through those mazes would have been so boring if I were brave. There was a guy ahead of us in one of the mazes who was about 6'5" and I felt so sad for him because he seemed genuinely bored. I am now incredibly stoked for Halloween and will probably be spending every night for the next two weeks watching horror movies and dreaming up ways to make my house look creepy without spending any more money. I seem to have lost almost all of my Halloween decorations. I wonder if I left them at my ex's in North Bay... but its nothing a few black plastic bags, some twine, and corn syrup with food coloring can't fix.

Happy Monday Everyone!


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