Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Best Friend

Good Morning!

So,  yesterday VOMD came home  from work very early and decided to take me out for lunch. We stopped to do some nature sight-seeing along the way and  met a new best friend. Meet Blakeley! He came right out of the  bushes toward us, without fear. He was freaking out a bit because of cars passing by us, but went right up to VOMD and started rubbing up against on his legs! He loved the car ride to the vet and stood up against the window just like a dog most of the way.

He is very underfed, and while we have listed him on the Helping Lost Pets website we are really not-so-secretly hoping that nobody claims him, because he is so sweet I already have two new cavities!

We are so in love. We have yet to introduce   him to our other cats, for obvious reasons, so right now he's sharing  a room with Tobi (who sadly is cooped up in her enclosure until we can ensure that Blakeley is not a threat to her).

All in all, today is a great day.

Happy Wednesday!


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