Friday, August 28, 2015

The end of the world (or, A virus attacked me and deleted my thesis)

Story time.  A couple years ago my sister lost a whole bunch of her data for her thesis  due to a computer malfunction. When I started my thesis I decided that I would never let that happen to me. I saved my thesis on a USB key and backed it up on Drop Box.  Safe, right?


My thesis is gone. A couple days ago I plugged  my USB into my computer to start working on my presentation for the upcoming ECPR conference and suddenly a billion things started popping up on my screen, and then...gone. When I signed on to Drop Box my thesis was nowhere to be found. With the help of  some local awesome nerds (thank you!!!) I was able to retrieve about 5% of the information from the USB. When I add that to the tiny amount of information I had sent to my thesis advisor and myself, then that means I have about...6% of the data. Half-hearted woo!

VOMD and I are moving next week, and this weekend we are in Montreal for the ECPR conference, at which I am also acting as the discussant for another panel (the notes for which were also lost... Luckily, the paper for the conference was emailed to my panel members, and is therefore safe... but that feels like such a minor victory. My panel presentation is this morning... in an hour actually. And it is going to be so crappy, but it will be the perfect way to end this crappy week.

But... wish me  luck at the conference anyway.

Next week is going to be amazing. I've promised myself so now it has to happen.

Happy-ish Friday!


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